CODE BLUE(tooth): 29 Tel Aviv café Wi-Fi passwords that are useful to know

Written by
Dotan Shoham
Today, almost every self-respecting café will give you access to their local Wi-Fi network if you ask. But coffee costs money, and there is a limit to how many hours you can comfortably nurse that soda (it was cheaper than the coffee). This is why we've gathered Wi-Fi passwords from coffee shops around the city. All you need is a street bench within café radius and this list.
The Streets - Ibn Gvirol
14 Ibn Gvirol
Password: gismo2018
Cafe Sheleg
11 Geula
Password: Shelegsheleg
9 Lincoln
Password: 0011223344
Cafe Shapira
15 Ralbag
Password: QWERTYUI
24 Margoza
Password: 12341234
Casino San Remo
2 Nehama
Password: 1234567890
Dallal Bakery
7 Kol Israel Haverim
Password: 1020304050
85 King George
Password: 12344321
Nechama VaHetzi
2 Habima Square
Password: 1234567890
Creme Fraiche
47 Pinkas
Password: 10203040
Hillel Hazaken 16
Password: 11223344
Cafe Getzel
Mesilat Yesharim 48
Password: 12345678
Tony and Esther
39 Levinsky
Password: 87654321
Marmorek 4
Password: nelson22
Cafe Zurik
4 Yehuda HaMaccabi
Password: 87654321
Cafelix - Shlomo HaMelech
12 Shlomo HaMelech
Password: ihaveadream
Cafelix - Levinsky Market
4 Merhavia
Password: 10203040
3 Florentin
Password: zohar100
Bookworm - Rabin Square
9 Malkhei Israel
Password: 035298490
The Little Prince
19 King George
Password: 0123456789
Rothschild 12
12 Rothschild
Password: 111111111
Cafe Michal
230 Dizengoff
Password: caffe111111
Horkanus Cafe
187 Ibn Gvirol
Password: horkanos100
Cafe Masaryk
12 Masaryk Boulevard
Password: 10203040
Beta Cafe - Ramat Aviv
17 Brodetsky
Password: betacaffe1
Lehamim Bakery
103 Hachashmonaim
Password: 5555555555
Cafe Mersand
70 Ben Yehuda
Password: mersand1
29 Shabazi
Password: 20002000
Da Da & Da
7 Rothschild
Password: rintintin

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