Contemporary expression provides a new perspective to the Holy City

Written by
Shahni Ben-Haim

The 10th annual Manofim Festival  will celebrate contemporary art with exhibitions, performances, concerts and much more taking place in different parts of Jerusalem and allows attendees to meet the artists behind every piece.

© Noah Folberg

With a perfect venue like the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies allowing spectators to take in a view of the city from the outside in, Manofim Festival can dive deeper into how art can aid in times of political instability, social and environmental changes, and local and international cultural revolutions. Reinventing perspectives about the city, Manofim Festival seeks out to showcase authentic ideas and interpretations.

© Ran Slavin

The main exhibition this year is titled “Properties” which will uncover the archival neighborhood of Talbiya and have open houses throughout the neighborhood for festival goers to spectate. Other exhibitions will be held in galleries throughout Jerusalem including Vision Gallery, Hansen House - Center for Design Media and Technology, Azrieli Gallery, and more.

© Maya Attoun

Performances from Armenian musician Apo, Hoodna Orchestra, and more will also take place as a part of the festivities in galleries around the city center.

Attendees at the festival will find the answers to the question, “what do we do with art?”
Manofim Festival, Oct 23-27
Different locations around Jerusalem
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