Discover the diversity that lives within middle eastern music

Written by
Shahni Ben-Haim

Besides food, the middle east is rich with music. The 19th International Oud Festival founded on the basis of an appreciation for the rich diversity of Arab music, will showcase traditional music from the middle east and all over the Mediterranean Basin.

© Zohar Ron

Covering different cultures, the festival hosts international artists as well as local artists. This year the festival will hold performances of original productions by Israeli artists, also including a performance by the Greek composer behind the renowned film “Rebetiko,” Stavros Kasardakos.

© Astwenat Chay

Taking place at the Confederation House, attendees can expect all this and more from the festival that will conclude with a tribute to Rabbi Shalom.

Xarchakos © Giannis Glikas

The 19th International Oud Festival, Nov 7-8

The Confederation House, Paul Emile Botta St 12,
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Phone Number: 03-9224540

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