Four kick-ass all-female sporting clubs, classes, & leagues

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Jennifer Greenberg

“I’m strong, I’m tough, I still wear my eyeliner”

– Lisa Leslie, three-time WNBA MVP

If Gal Gadot has taught us anything this year, it's that wonder women extend far beyond the fantastical Amazonian world in which her character resides. While women's equality in the athletic world – on both a professional and amateur scale – still has a long way to go, these fantastic four fitness centers, gyms, and all-women's leagues are committing their efforts to helping female athletes of all fitness levels excel:

Bouldering beauties

Performance Rock FB page

Sure, we've all heard of Ladies' Night before, bringing girlfriends together over two-for-one cosmopolitans deemed "girlie" based on their pink nature or ability to contain more than one syllable (unlike the "beer" or "Scotch" that real men imbibe), but have you ever heard of Ladies' Day? Every Thursday, from the crack of dawn until the stroke of midnight, Performance Rock – the rock gym with a goal to bring "climbing into the urban space" of Tel Aviv – hosts "Power Thursdays," whereby all women get in for free all day long as a means of breaking the stigma that bouldering is a men's only sport.

Ready to roll

Tel Aviv Roller Derby FB page

What's more badass than roller derby? The dame-dominant full-contact sport played on roller skates with an objective to literally beat everyone else to the finish line by any means necessary. This popular sport has stood the test of time – and more impressively, the test of Israeli time – gaining its popularity through the Tel Aviv Derby Girls league. Their unofficial motto: the more the merrier, hence why the league is currently calling upon all players, coaches, refs, volunteers, sponsors, and friends to join the slightly painful, but definitely brag-worthy fun.

Authentic Amazonians

Tel Aviv Amazons - Women's Rugby FB page

Maybe you see a fixture through your peripherals on the local pub's television during a dud of a date, or perhaps you catch a casual scrum on a jog through the park. Wherever you see it, there's no denying that rugby is an exciting game, but can be daunting to take on if you've never played it before. Well, that's where the Tel Aviv Amazons come in. The women's rugby team won the 2015-2016 national championship and are always open to new recruits of all levels, shapes, and sizes. According to the Amazons, "No one is too small, too big, too thin, too fat or too anything to play rugby!" Practices take place on Sundays and Wednesdays from 19:00-21:00 at the Tel Aviv University sports center – no previous experience required.

Female fight club

LivFit TLV FB page

Wow, Uma Thurman makes it look so gosh darn easy in Kill Bill...well guess what? With a little training and a lot of dedication, mastering the (martial) art is as easy as The Bride's stunt double makes it out to be. LivFit TLV, an all-encompassing studio in the heart of Tel Aviv, combines fighting/martial arts with fitness all under one roof. Still not sold? Every Tuesday, the studio offers FREE classes for women only, and that includes any class happening inside the MMA academy that day – must notify LivFit TLV by Facebook message in advance.

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