Gay party lines: painting the White City rainbow, one party at a time

By Time Out Israel Writers
It’s no secret that Tel Aviv is an international gay destination. What Tel Aviv may lack in gay bars, it makes up for with a large variety of gay party lines. From gay fetish parties to artsy hipster parties, there’s an event out there for all visitors and Tel Aviv locals. From Tuesday night parties to the wild week of pride events, check out our list of gay parties:
Beef - every Friday (rotating locations)
Various locations - check website -
BEEF is Tel Aviv's leading fetish and bear party that takes place every week at rotating locations. BEEF parties are mens only, attracting bears, masculine kinky guys and people with fetishes. Since its establishment in 2009, BEEF strives to empower all these local gay sub-cultures, and promote Tel-Aviv as a gay tourist destination. The BEEF group powers a weekly cruising/dance/bar night (BEEFSTER / BOAR), a monthly party (BEEFjerky), a dress code pervi party (BEEF Xtreme), an annual pride main event (TEL A-BEEF), and an annual Jewish new year's event (SIN). BEEF parties are not for the sensitive crowd as many parties put on a full kinky porn performance act on stage as well as contain a playroom designed by a changing concept or theme. BEEF is not about showing off, it's all about the people and fulfilling their deepest fantasies in a warm and welcoming environment.
FFF Shirazi - every two weeks (rotating locations, check website)
Various locations - check website -
This bi-weekly event is one of Tel Aviv’s most wild and fun gay party lines. FFF Group brings into Israel’s nightlife the best DJs and artists in the world. Every Two weeks FFF takes over Tel Aviv with well-designed theme parties, two dance floors, a beautiful crowd, dancers and many surprises throughout the night. FFF was established more than 20 years ago and it leads Tel Aviv night life with a widely recognized name. FFF Group has won several times as the Number ONE party-line in Israel, according to the Israeli DJ Magazine. The combination of good music, a diverse crowd, creativity and a long time investment, is what makes the uniqueness of FFF Shirazi, Tel Aviv. From massive Gay Pride events to Jewish holiday events, FFF Shirazi offers a wide range of parties and events.
Papa Party - (rotating locations and dates, currently on world tour)
Various locations - check website -
Tel Aviv’s well known PAPA PARTY is an Israeli as well as worldwide establishment. PAPA PARTY is run by the super sexy Eliad Cohen. Currently on world tour, the PAPA PARTY is planning parties in cities from Paris to Miami and Rio to Bogota. Founded by Eliad Cohen in 2010 during Tel Aviv Pride, PAPA PARTY has become one of the most well-respected events and marketing brands in the world. World-class DJs, exceptional performances, surprises throughout the night and an incredible energy have made PAPA globally famous. Before your visit to Tel Aviv, check to see if this well-run party line is in the White City during your trip. PAPA PARTY is guaranteed to be in town during Gay Pride, but makes many other appearances throughout the year. Eliad Cohen, alone, is sexy enough to make you keep coming back to this amazing party line.
Arisa - (monthly, rotating locations)
Various locations - check website -
Possibly Israel’s most popular and well known party line, Arisa is a Middle-Eastern gay experience like no other. Known as the world's first middle-eastern gay party, Arisa is a unique and extremely sexy experience. With awesome videos and some of Israel’s finest DJs present, Arisa is guaranteed to bring a huge amount of entertainment for all those who visit. No doubt the only party in the world that features Middle Eastern music for a predominantly gay crowd, Arisa‘s unlikely blend has hit the spot, drawing in male and female party-goers week after week. Tel Aviv’s Uriel Yekutiel is the king – and also quite the queen – of the Arisa party. Yekutiel is globally known for his cross-dressing and eccentric caricature of himself, so be sure to check him out in the Arisa promotional videos.
PAG - (biweekly, usually at Alphabet club)\
Alphabet Club - Ahad Ha’Am 54 -
One of the oldest and best known LGBTQ party lines in Tel Aviv, PAG was established 13 years ago. Incorporating art and fashion into each party has allowed PAG to re-invent itself numerous times throughout the years, as to keep up with current trends, while maintaining its signature style. PAG’s current season takes place at the Alphabet club. Attracting Tel Aviv’s hipster and stylish crowd, PAG is filled with Tel Aviv’s most handsome, diverse, and well-dressed individuals. With parties that blend into the afternoon, PAG is the place to fulfill your darkest desires. The boys at PAG like to describe themselves as “nice boys with a vengeance & glamour trash,” and we couldn’t agree more.
VRS - (monthly and weekly, rotating locations)
Various locations as well as Pasaz Club - Allenby 94 -
At VRS, Tuesday is the new Thursday, with a monthly Tuesday night party. With random parties throughout the month as well as a weekly Tuesday party, VRS provides the energy and excitement of the Tel Aviv gay scene. VRS is a weekly night allowing you the freedom to explore the many sides of living free and open. Leave your masks at the door and face the music played by Tel Aviv's finest DJs, playing a VRS variety of electro-pop-disco & house currently with residency at the Garage-esque underground 'Pasaz.' VRS welcomes all who wish to have fun on a school night while charging nothing at the door.
Forever Tel Aviv (monthly)
Various locations - check website -
This massive Tel Aviv party line is a classic Tel Avivian experience entertaining partygoers for years. In 2013, Forever traveled the world with parties at all the major gay events. From Circuit Barcelona, to New Year’s Madrid, New York City Pride and even a huge event at Carnaval Brazil, and with monthly events in the two biggest clubs in Israel, HaOman 17 Tel Aviv and The Block, Forever has established a strong following in Israel and abroad. Forever also produced a major event for Tel Aviv Pride weekend, as well as a full weekend festival in the Israeli southern city of Eilat with Solar Festival. Forever’s resident DJ is no other than the worldwide sensation that is DJ Offer Nissim. Considered one of the top DJ’s in the world, Nissim’s track record includes official remixes for Madonna, Donna Summer, Deborah Cox, Dana International and many more. So come here for some fun remixes and good gay vibes.

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