In Character: Nissan Gavni

By Elie Bleier

Tel Aviv nightlife is full of kinks, but few spots are as naughty as The Dungeon, Israel’s premier BDSM and fetish club. Lined with go-go cages, whipping points, and TVs screening strap-on wielding, dominatrix porn, where seemingly impossible acts are performed, the Dungeon is Tel Aviv’s answer to fulfilling all your most erotic fantasies. The no-holds barred night club hosts a range of theme nights weekly and the atmosphere is one of respect, curiousity, and exploration. We spoke with Nissan Gavni, a hunky, leather-clad Dungeon performer with flowing black hair and eyeliner to match, about the club, BDSM in Israel, and safe words. 

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Can you talk a bit about the history of the Dungeon?

It all started in Jaffa, 15 years ago. The Dungeon’s owner, Amos, used to travel for work, had experienced the scene abroad and wanted to open the first-of-its-kind here. But because Israel’s a conservative, religious country, opening a BDSM and fetish club raised eyebrows. He really had balls to open it. That very first club was in a small storage room. But since then, we’ve moved a few times, and this one we came to eight weeks ago, which is more suitable than any previous location because it’s the first time we’re renting a former club space.

Where does the Dungeon fit in amongst other Tel Aviv clubs? 

The Dungeon is a totally magical experience. If you want something, and your partner wants it too, it’s possible - whatever it is! You can literally do whatever you want as long as both sides are ok with it. You just can’t get that at other clubs, which, as an open-minded guy, bore me nowadays.

Do people come alone, with a couple, to meet someone...?

If you’re a girl, you can enter solo. But as a guy, you can’t. So a lot of couples arrive together. But once you’re in...

In fact, many couples meet within the club. The local swingers’ community mingle here, which leads to after parties with other interested couples.

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I heard the dress code is notorious.

Club goers must obey the rules. Minimum: all black.

Fuck, I’m wearing grey.

It’s ok! At least it’s not white or green. But latex, leather or fantasy or fetish costumes are awesome. Just not casual clothing because it ruins the whole atmosphere.

Why is a BDSM club important, especially in such a conservative country?

The thing is, everyone, even in Israel, has a fetish. For example, I have the most normal, conservative parents. But when I bring my father here, he loves it! It’s really important to have a place for people to let go and do whatever they want, so as long as they don’t hurt or disrespect anyone.

The club strives for openness, sexual expressivity, and pushing boundaries, but there are strict rules you can’t cross. How do you navigate this?

It’s quite easy. Many girls here behave very provocatively. They literally wear - or don’t wear - whatever they want. But they say they feel protected, even when naked, even in the middle of a BDSM or sexual act, even amongst strangers. It’s because Dungeon club goers are respectful. For instance, I don’t know you at all, but I’m certain that if you saw a girl doing whatever, you would definitely watch but never do anything without permission. 

You know me so well! Ok, so tell us about the “attractions.”

We have a bunch of points for “subs” to get tied up, because whipping or spanking them “does it” for them. Let’s say it’s your first time: I would tie you up and gradually start whipping you harder. When it nears your limit, if you’re masochistic with a high pain tolerance, you’ll want to feel the pain and cross your own limit. The moment you cross it, you enter a “sub space” - an endorphin release that gets you high and can even lead to orgasm. On the other hand, I’m a sadist “dom”: I tie up the sub, helping them focus on pleasure without being distracted by their instinct to cover their pain. And if they want to stop, they just need to say the safe word and we stop, laugh, and get a drink!


Give our first timers, unacquainted with BDSM, some advice.

First things first - it’s just a club! But it’s a club where you can be yourself and aren’t judged solely by the brands you wear. You can sit on the bar, drink a beer, and enjoy the atmosphere. It’s also a dance club, so you can just dance. And if you have a dirty mind and want to try something, you can talk to anyone – our local community is very friendly and will be more than willing to help you out. 

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For more information about The Dungeon, check out  dungeon or their FB page
Remember, the dress code is a minimum of all black. Catch Nissan performing pole dance and dominatrix slave shows every Thursday – check out his racy Instagram page to get an idea of what you’re in for. 
The Dungeon, 10 HaArba’a St, 
Tel Aviv. Open Thursdays 23:30–05:00 and Fridays 23:30–05:00. All other days, closed (077-3502500)

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