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Introducing Jaffa Fest: a month-long multidisciplinary arts festival

Jaffa Fest
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For the very first time, the various cultural and educational institutions of Jaffa are uniting to showcase the old city’s incredible artistic hub and culturally diverse atmosphere.

This May, the city will be filled with over 80 theater and dance performances, live music concerts, international and Israeli premiers, street events, exhibitions, workshops, and children’s programs. Inspired by world-famous city culture festivals, the program will follow many of the leading global trends in theater, dance, and music.

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The opening event includes a special procession with the Orchestra of the Orthodox Club of Jaffa, from the clock tower to “Storm-storm,” the opening performance of the festival at Gesher Theater, presented by the Moscow Theater of the Nations.

Throughout the month, 15 different cultural and educational venues and 20 prominent restaurants and bars will host plays and concerts from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Australia, India, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, and so on. From cabarets, to classic political satires, to memoirs through dance, to improvisation, the shows explore a vast range of mediums as well as genres like romance, war, drama, comedy, and children’s plays. Additional events presenting creative opportunities include: a Kendama games workshop, a clowning show, poetry readings, acting workshops, discussions with directors, and more.

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Don’t miss the premiere of the bringing together of Jaffa’s cultures, an exciting and unique month celebrating Jaffa’s co-existing diverse communities spanning from May 3rd to June 2nd. For a full calendar of events and more information, visit