Israel’s 6th annual International Photography Festival inspires

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Shahni Ben-Haim

Shutterbugs rejoice! This photofest is going to be awesome 

With this year’s theme highlighting 'relationships' the International Photography Festival is sure to garner people from all walks of life. Over 200 photographers are participating and the festival will not only showcase photographs, but also provide archival materials, lectures, master classes, workshops, and more.

© Dymitry Markov

Hosted by PHOTO IS:RAEL, an organization committed to raising awareness of the art of photography, this event is at the pinnacle of their efforts. With the main mission of the festival being to promote dialogue and communication, the theme of 'relationships' dives into gendered, interpersonal, cultural, political and many more interpretations from the perspective of each featured photographer. Some of the exhibitions in the festival will include 'FRACTURED LANDS' by Paolo Pellegrin, 'The Spirit of India' by Raghu Rai, 'EnGendered' by Maya Anner, and so much more.

© Maria Svarbova

Specific highlights include the festival opener, on November 23, a Meitar Prize winning exhibition by German photographer, Chris Warner and on November 25, a meeting with artist, Roger Blanc at the 'Ghosts and Spirits' exhibition. On November 26, there will be a fundraising event for Israeli singer Shlomi Shaban with an exhibition connecting photos to his music. All the proceeds of the evening are dedicated to the social activities of PHOTO IS:RAEL, which operates on the belief that everyone in the community has the right to voice.

© Roger Ballen

On November 28, there will be a meeting with Jim Kasper, editor-in-chief and founder of Lensculture, an outstanding contemporary photography magazine, and on November 29, there is a special evening event featuring DJs, performances, dance performances, and huge screenings. On November 30, it is the International Photography Marathon. A unique experience to those attending the festival, the International Photography Marathon will be a chance for photographers, no matter what level, to be a part of a group that will complete secret photography challenges in a time crunch. This is just one of the photography marathons that occurs throughout the world.

© Sigalit Landau & Yotam From

Taking place from November 22 - December 1, with participation from international and local photographers, this event is for all photo lovers, amatuers and professionals alike.

The International Photography Festival, November 22-December 1
57 Pinhas Rosen St, Tel Aviv. For more information: 

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