Reality vs Imagination at Jerusalem Artists House

Written by
Shahni Ben-Haim

Jerusalem Artists’ House explores contrasting themes in three new exhibits

The first of the exciting exhibitions entitled Carry That Weight explores the connection to and significance of animals that has existed through generations and throughout worlds and cultures. Converging 21 different artists’ work from the 1950s to the present, this exhibit features art pieces where animals are being carried to represent either the responsibility of care for the animal or the origin of energy and pride the animal provides the human. Spectators can analyze the works which portray shepard figures and representations of masculinity and femininity and truly explore what it might be like to carry the weight.

Nir Hod, Bravo, 2004, Color print

The next exhibit being hosted is by Israeli artist Nelly Agassi, entitled Homeseek. Her artwork represents contrasts using female figures as a constant through her works in large scale structures. This exhibit is paired with smaller scale 2-dimensional drawings which represent icons of Chicago that she encountered in her time living there. Some contrasts explored include small and large, life and death, black and white, sculpture and drawing, Israel and America, past and present, and adolescence and motherhood.

The final exhibition, entitled I, Lodërit: an exhibition in the 21st Nidbach series, is the first solo exhibit by eclectic artist Dvora Cohen. Her use of different mediums brings to light the inconsistency of balance between the “mundane and mythical” in her art and in her life, which she is tormented by day to day.

Dvora Cohen

Jerusalem Artists’ House, 12 Shmuel Hanagid St, Jerusalem. On display through March ( or 02-6253653)

Netta Lieber Sheffer, Lifting, 2017, charcoal and pastel on paper

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