Jerusalem's Festival of Light is celebrating 10 Years in the Old City of Jerusalem

By Time Out Israel

Four light trails in the Old City, along with 35 impressive and interactive light displays by Israeli and international artists will be part of Jerusalem's Festival of Light 

The Festival of Light 2018 celebrates a decade with the theme 'Together' and connects artists from different fields, the art of light, and encourages audience involvement in the festival. The largest and most fascinating international event in the field of light-art invites the audience to wander through the alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem and enjoy dozens of spectacular and interactive light displays, musicians and actors, and a unique light experience in Israel.

© Simone Chua

In this festival, the audience will be able to influence the display and visibility of the exhibits through touch, light, and sound effects with a connection between the other onlookers. For example, the audience will be invited to take a paint brush, or use their fingertips to draw and write in a graffiti of light and color, on a special LED terminal that becomes illuminated as a response. The audience will be invited to stroll through a forest of mangrove trees reminiscent of the movie Avatar, and influence the color of the branches that change according to touch and the gathering of people around them. A huge interactive umbrella magnet will invite participants to fill the New Gate with water, and guests can expect over 700 wind-powered lanterns, with about 40 illuminated wire characters from different periods, a spectacular audio and  laser show, light boxes display in which historical photographs from the early years of Israel will be screened, and dozens of light displays scattered throughout the Old City and much more.

© Brigit Zander & Daniel Germany

Young artists will participate in the Festival of Light for the second year. Students that took a "Festival of Light" course in the Industrial Design department in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design will present 10 light art exhibits that will hang in the air 18 meters overhead. The students received full guidance from the festival's artistic directors. In addition, 20 musicians will appear along the route and four illuminated dancers from Germany will perform.

© Alexandr Reichstein

The Festival of Light will take place between June 27th - July 5th (excluding Friday) Between the hours of 20:00 to 23:00 / Saturday night until 24:00

The festival is open to all ages and entrance is free.

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