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Keren Brown

Do you dream of cooking like a chef? Do you want to know the hidden secrets of modern Israeli cuisine? Here's your in.

A new Israeli platform called Chef Mentor lets you learn from your favorite chefs in the comfort of your home. The affordable online program costs just NIS 100 for 4 classes – in which curious cooks can learn from some of the best chefs in Israel, enabling you to hone your cooking skills without ever leaving your own kitchen. 

Efrat Libfroind © Chef Mentor

The list of amazing mentors and chefs signed up as educators on Chef Mentor is truly remarkable. Here, you’ll find chef Meir Adoni, the genius behind the incredible Lumina and Blue Sky restaurants, as well as the New York restaurant, Nur. You can also get lessons from Uri Sheft, the genius baker behind Lehamim. For those of you who need kosher options, pastry chef Efrat Libfreund will teach you the secrets behind her elaborate cake creations so you can replicate them at home. 

Chef Mentor was founded by 33-year-old Avraham Meisels from Bnei Brak. Meisels saw the growing demand for culinary content and this chef-mentor connection.” A plethora of bloggers and food influencers are flooding the web and creating a clear trend where everyone wants to know how to bake and cook. We took this increasing need, and we accessed it through a smart, simple site led by the best culinary mentors in Israel."

Meir Adoni © Itiel Zion

It’s never been so easy to learn to cook and grow your recipe repertoire – all while working this new skill and education into the typically busy and rushed schedule of modern Israelis. 

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