"Modern Times” is the newest exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, featuring 50 masterpieces

Written by
Shahni Ben-Haim

Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s newest exhibition will reveal art descending from the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century Europe. The collection from the Philadelphia Museum of Art named “Modern Times” will feature 50 works from European artists like Pierre Bonnard, Constantin Brancusi, Georges Braque, and many more.

Claude Monet, Japanese Footbridge, Giverny, 1895

The art explores different styles and paintings of landscapes, cityscapes, village scenes, interiors, still lifes and portraits and will show how collecting art from Europe was popularized in the United States during those times.

Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of Camille Roulin, 1888

From the earliest work in the collection being 90 years older than the newest work, the collection really captures the finest art pieces made by the times painting connoisseurs.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Girl in a Red Ruff, ca. 1896

The exhibit will give a new perspective to Israelis and visitors from all over the world alike. On display from Oct. 12, 2018 - Feb. 2, 2019.

Edgar Degas, The Ballet Class, c. 1880

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Modern Times - Oct. 12, 2018 - Feb. 2, 2019
For more information: www.moderntimes-tamuseum.com

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