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The Annual Open Houses Festival Returns to Jerusalem

The Annual Open Houses Festival Returns to Jerusalem
Shvil Hatzukim © Guy Yitzhaki

The Open Houses event returns to Jerusalem with dozens of welcoming houses, architectural gems and special events

The project, already a tradition, is high on the list of the most intriguing and fascinating events in the city. As it is every year, the event has an exciting eclectic program that includes rare visits and tours of buildings that have never been opened to the general public.

The Jerusalem Architecture and Design Festival opens a window into hidden worlds, allowing visitors to see hidden architectural treasures, and dive into surprising spaces, some of which are not well known or approachable. For three consecutive days, dozens of private homes and spectacular buildings of special architectural value will be opened for visits. Different architectural tours, exhibitions and meetings on the topic will also be held. During the urban celebration guests are invited to visit private homes, meet the people who live in them and hear the story of the house; join tours of historic buildings, churches and public buildings and meet the planning architects, staff and people living in them. Besides the visual experience, the project provides a great opportunity to get to know Jerusalem's architectural heritage and experience the private world of its residents, to iconic buildings and architectural styles that have become the city’s hallmarks.

The House at Shvil Hatzukim © Guy Itshaki

Among the houses and buildings participating in the festival: The house on Shvil Hazukim (the cliffs’ path), home of the artist, entrepreneur and interior designer Racheli Marty, which also serves as a gallery of her sculptures and artwork; The Jerusalem House of Quality, a historic building that used to be a hospital of the Order of the Knights of St. John (currently it serves as an art center and a gallery of Jerusalem art); École Biblique and the Dominican Church, the Monastery and Church of the Dominican Order and the French academic institution specializing in biblical and archeological fields; and last but not least, a fascinating tour of the Old City between the hospitality institutions, the pilgrim hostels and the luxury hotels of 19th century Jerusalem.

Ot HaMutzar © Natan Dvir

The visits and tours are guided by architects, urban researchers, conservationists, artists and experts in the fields of architecture, environment and urbanism. The visits to the private homes will be independent and by appointment, and there are tours that include entrance to buildings or parts of a building that are generally inaccessible, such as the preservation laboratories at the Israel Museum or Villa Bergman, located in the space of the Israel Museum, which is closed to the public during the year, with the exception of fundraising events and tours that take place in the Open Houses event. Admission is free for all activities.

École Biblique © Ran Arda

When: October 31 through November 2 Where: All around the city Details: