Paint the Town White! A Guide to White Night's Parties and Events

By Time Out Israel Writers

The highly-anticipated, annual White Night in Tel Aviv is some of the most fun to be had all year... If only you knew where to go!

The longest night of the year, June 28th, has arrived in Tel Aviv once again, with all the best parties, free performances, drunken people in the streets and the masses of tourists taking over the city. Here are some not-to-be-missed events.

The man with the guitar and the sampler

Ram Orion will play his original soundtrack while screening the classic, groundbreaking film "Man with a Movie Camera". The film, which was created by Dziga Vertov in 1929, documents one day in Moscow, and is known for its innovative editing methods for the period.

Cinematheque, 2 Shprintsak St, Tel Aviv, 22:00, free entrance

A night of British humor

An entire night of Monty Python, and some of their friends that are both witty and silly. During the evening, lecturer Alon Gur-Arie will examine the concept of "British humor" and will pinpoint the most prominent scenes in British comedies. Later on, full-length British comedy films will be screened in parallel in the halls of the Cinematheque. Indeed, a lot of humor, a lot of British.

Cinematheque, 2 Shprintsak St, Tel Aviv, 21:30

Follow the Stars

On White Night, Bialik Square will become especially colorful, with an art happening for the whole family. The program includes interactive video displays, acrobatics, mimes, break dancers, circus acts and many shows from all over Europe.

Bialik Square © Noa Shalom

Bialik Square, Tel Aviv, 19:30, free entrance

Headphone Party

Buy headphones on the spot or come with yours from home, connect to a smartphone, download the app of Radio Tel Aviv 102 FM, and go to town!

Rabin Square Tel Aviv, 20:00 - 03:00, free entrance
The photographing night marathon is expected to sweep hundreds of people, from professional photographers to Instagram enthusiasts. The participants will contend with six photography challenges, all about the city of Tel Aviv, the stories it embodies and its people. At the end of the marathon, the results will be handed over to the judges who will award prizes to the winners. They will also get to present their works at the International Film Festival in November.
Rabin Square Tel Aviv, 19:00, participation costs NIS 110 and pre-registration is required (limited number of places)


Ethnic-electronic music, it's all in the now. annaRF, which combines reggae, Arabic vibes and electric beats, is going to shake up the most proper part of town.

The Old Train Station, 2 Kaufman St, Tel Aviv, 21:00
Riff Cohen 
The woman, the voice, the madness, the quietness, and everything we wish we could be - Riff Cohen is coming to Tel Aviv to do what she does best with her music - that is, walk the audience through her endless playfulness between Paris, Morocco and Israel, all the way up to the sky.
The Old Train Station, 2 Kaufman St, Tel Aviv, 21:00, free entrance

Total Cabaret

The cabaret circus show is on its way, and wants to shout out how it feels about this country, in colorful costumes, flips, and tricks.

Habima, 2 Tarsat Ave, Tel Aviv, 21:00, free entrance

Yes Ma'am!
A performance that is all girl-power, with six musicians performing fun and rhythmic covers to big hits of the 50's and a little later. Among the singers and bands that will be there in spirit? Aretha Franklin, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and more. A complete experience is guaranteed, including costumes and other paraphernalia that makes you wish you were born in another time.
Sarona Compound Tel Aviv, 20:30, free entrance

World Food Market

A culinary trip is our favorite kind of trip, especially when it passes through almost all the countries in the world. The countries included here? Thailand, Colombia, Germany, USA, Japan, Hong Kong and many other goodies, tastings, and samples at reasonable prices. In order to give you some treats for the eyes as well, there will be a presentation from the Midburn people known for their craziness.

Neve Sha'anan The Docks Compound, 10 Salomon St, Tel Aviv, 18:00 - 02:00, free entrance

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