Parking: This is what Florentine's first and only park is going to look

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For the next few months, the residents of Florentin will finally acquire a worthy park in their neighborhood, instead of the Elifelet parking space. The plan: 5,000 Sq m of grass, a doggie garden and even a "gathering space"
The residents of Florentine often complain about the abandonment of the neighborhood by the local authorities. One of the main complaints is the lack of green spaces in the neighborhood. This summer, finally, it seems like things are going to change. This week, the last meeting took place in the joint planning process conducted by the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality with residents and activists in the neighborhood about the Elifelet Park, which will be built in the coming months instead of the large parking lot that is currently there.
Elifelet parking

According to the plan, the garden will include a green, shaded garden, a dog park, a meeting space for large events, seating areas, a sports complex, children's play areas and more. The total area will be 5,000 sq m - two of which are reserved for the development of a future public building. 

One Day?

The municipality takes pride in the fact that the residents of the neighborhood were involved in the planning of the project, and met several times with municipal officials who had consulted with them during the planning. The municipality met with a variety of interested parties - active residents, the elderly community, young parents, business owners, dog owners, parking lot users and professionals, and even distributed a digital survey among the residents.


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