Jerusalem’s 'Together' Parade is reminiscent of the Macy’s Parade

Written by
Shahni Ben-Haim

In an effort to make solid connections with Diaspora Jews, the Ministry of Diaspora is creating a new tradition - hosting a massive and festive parade in Jerusalem

Partnering with the Ministry of Education, the Jerusalem and Heritage Office, the Jewish Agency and many other organizations, this parade will showcase balloons and floats from around the world - symbolizing and strengthening the connection of Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews to Israel.

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Those marching in the inaugural parade include marching bands, youth movements, floats from the Midburn Festival, antique automobiles, and players from the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team.

Not only will the balloons and marchers be included in the spectacle, but musical artists like Matisyahu and Nechi Nech will performance, making this parade a highly anticipated event.

The parade will start at Liberty Bell Park and wind through the city towards the Sultan’s Pool where the performances will take place.

Together Parade - Dec. 3
Parade starts from Liberty Bell Park, Jerusalem
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