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Santa Barbara: The restaurant that will open in place of The Otsar

Santa Barbara: The restaurant that will open in place of The Otsar
Otsar © ben Palhov
Tomer Agai's new resto-bar will be Santa Katarina's little sister and will offer dishes in the spirit of the iconic restaurant alongside high quality cocktails

The Otsar first opened in 2016, inspired by the Har Sinai bar, and quickly created "hipsteria". This summer, one of the partners, Dean Baller, left the bar, and partners Uri Lahav and chef Tomer Agai. In response, the abandoned partners decided to close the hipster bar in the end of September. However, from the outset it was clear that reopening the place was only a matter of time, since the back yard of the Great Synagogue is magnetizing for Millennials who frequent the Thai in Har Sinai restaurant, the iconic Port Said and the excellent Santa Katarina.

Otzar @ Ben Palhov

It now appears that during December, Tomer Agai will open Santa Barbara. Agai, who is considered to be the one new wave of the Tel Avivian culinary scene, grew up in the kitchen of the veteran chef Haim Cohen, and brought with Santa Katarina excellent food in a non-committed atmosphere, blurred between the traditional kitchen and the modern kitchen.


Tomer Agai, Santa Katarina
© Ran Biran


If everything goes according to plan, right at the beginning of winter he ensures a California palm atmosphere just as it starts to cool down. The kitchen in Santa Barbara will be a continuation of Agai's culinary vibes in Santa Katarina - Mediterranean cuisine with influences from the entire Mediterranean area and a focus on local ingredients, with a strong emphasis on alcohol. 
Bye bye cheap and lukewarm beer and hello to quality cocktails.
Santa Barbara, Har Sinai 1, Tel Aviv.