Shirt Stories: Ubiquitous printed tees get the Israeli treatment

Written by
Elie Bleier

For more than 20 years, The Shirt Creator has been a kiosk staple at the entrance of the Carmel Market. Originally founded by Shlomi Levi, after his passing seven months ago, his wife Racheli took over its bustling operations. “Many tourists return to this place, year after year from all over the world,” she says proudly. “They do so because of my late husband’s creative, entrepreneurial spirit, which shows in our products.” Ranging from the iconic Coca-Cola-font-in-Hebrew to relatable, comic relief slogans that the late Levi cooked up, their shirts stand out amongst the numerous generic shirt sellers populating the Carmel Market. 

In the shuk with Racheli Levi

As we spoke, multiple tourists walked up to Racheli, asking about specific shirts they had seen on previous trips and even about old rock’n’roll paraphernalia that Shlomi had plastered to the outside of the store. Visitors hailing from all corners of the globe bee-line for this spot either for a laugh, an Insta-snap, a T-shirt or all of the above. And each time someone stops in, Racheli smiles, knowing Shlomi’s legacy lives on.

NIS 35 per shirt or 3 for NIS 100. The Shirt Creator is at the top of the Carmel Market, across from Pasta Basta, 052-6622529

Johannes Klaus 29, Dresden, Germany. Jew Jitsu
Kati Tolnai,38, Budapest, Hungary. Kapara
Kelsie Bowman 23, Adrian, Michigan. Visit Israel Before Israel Visits You
Christopher & Denise Gannon 58 & 56, Palmerston, North New Zealand. Welcome to Sababa Land & JewTube
Dilyana Stoyonva 35, Sofia, Bulgaria. Jew Fish
Antonia Dubin 19, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Guns & Moses. Berta Tannenbaum, 19, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Somebody in Israel Loves Me
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