'State of Extremes' at the Design Museum of Holon

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Sol Gruffy

The Design Museum of Holon & the Holon Mediatheque present an exhibition surrounding the past decade in the face of time, ten years after the museum's first-ever exhibition

A decade ago, in 2010, the Design Museum of Holon presented The State of Things, an exhibition that featured more than 100 objects that reflected the issues of consumption culture and its impact on international design. Ten years later, the State of Extremes exhibition describes the condition of a world that has drastically changed since then, and with it, contemporary design practice.

Neil Nenner & Avihai Mizrahi, Black Swan Lifeboat

The new exhibition will deal with changes in the world in general, but focus on the field of design in particular in the last decade, featuring over 80 pieces by well-known artists from around the world and Israel. We live in an age of distress. The looming threat of destructive climate change, violently polarized political spheres and cutting-edge technologies that blur the boundary between natural and artificial beings all fundamentally challenge the meaning of human existence, setting the stage for The Age of Extremes to explore and examine the foundational mechanisms that are driving our society to higher levels of extremes.

The exhibitions presented in State of Extremes touch on the topical and burning issues of today, both in Israel and around the world, including gender inequality, economic elitism and racial basis that leads to political extremism. State of Extremes seeks to explore the ways in which contemporary design has the potential to reveal, critique, mitigate and even enflame the extremes driving society to brink.

'State of Extremes' opening: December 12, 2019, Closing: May 28, 2020
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