The 2018 Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv - Everything You Need To Know

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The Gay Pride Parade 2018, the hottest event in Tel Aviv attracting tourists from all over the world, will take place this year on June 8, as part of the Pride Week events. The parade will depart from Melchett Street at the corner of Ben Zion Boulevard at 12:00 after speeches and performances, and will pass through the city streets towards the Charles Clore Promenade - where from 15:00 the famous beach party will take place until sunset. The trucks will leave from the Reading terminal southward through the Herbert Samuel Promenade and pass at 13:00 at the corner of Trumpeldor Street and every half hour they will advance to the corners of Allenby, Ha'Rav Kook and Ezra HaSofer Streets, and finally, will meet the masses at Charles Clore Park. 

Do not approach the area with a vehicle

This year, pride events in the city will be marked by the theme of: 20 years since the first gay pride parade in the city. The event, which has been held since and every year, serves as one of the central tools in the community's embrace of acceptance and equality. The logo for events is titled "Community Makes History", with the intention of giving special expression to the diverse spectrum of colors that make up Tel Aviv's LGBTQ community. The logo's characters are waving the flag that has become a symbol of tolerance, acceptance of the other, and the aspiration for equality. The logo will also be featured in an animated video, with the song "Diva" by Dana International in the background.

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