The best local experiences that can be given as gifts for the holidays in Israel

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Marissa Shapiro
Wracking your brain for the perfect gift right before the holidays is neither fun nor functional. On top of that, who needs more “stuff” anyways?  Instead, how about the gift of learning, seeing, tasting, or doing. We’ve searched high and low, and prepped a list of the best local experiences that can be given as gifts for the high holidays this year

For the person set on getting in with the art crowd

Those city insiders who always know what’s going on? Well, they didn’t get that way without doing some serious research. Let local guides take you around town to the White City’s hottest galleries to see the work of established and upstart artists alike (purchase of artwork not included!)

Sarah Peguine © Pavlina Schultz

Oh-So-Arty, Locations around the city


For the fashionista you can’t shop for

Head over to the Noga-based studio of Efrat Ezuz to make fine jewelry that can be enjoyed until next Rosh Hashanah. Workshops range from four to twelve people with light refreshments included, making this a great group gift for anyone looking for a day of chic camaraderie. 

© Hila Shayer

eFrat ezuz, 3 Poriya St, Jaffa


For the person not afraid to get a little dirty

At the very southern edge of Tel Aviv lies Benyamini Ceramics Center, hosting ceramic workshops, open studio hours, lessons, lectures and master classes for all levels of experience. This is the kind of gift that pays back in spades - think of all the bowls and teapots you’ll receive from your new ceramic artist friend! 

© Itay Ahali

Benyamini Ceramics, 17 Ha’amal St, Tel Aviv 


For the artist who wants to bring their graphic dreams to life

For the graphic tee wearing, canvas tote carrying, street style loving person this screen printing workshop in South Tel Aviv  is the ideal gift. In these two session workshops attendees learn the basics of screen printing and techniques for printing in up to four colors so they can bring their own graphic designs to the streets of Tel Aviv. 

© Hamelaha Studio

Hamelaha, 15 YL Peretz St, Tel Aviv


For the person that needs something to cuddle with 

The DIY revolution hasn’t missed Tel Aviv - join textile artist Neta Amir to make embroidered textiles, stuffed animals, or whatever else your mind can dream up! Kids and kids at heart can make whatever they can dream up in these workshops said to be as therapeutic as they are fun.

Neta Dolls, Locations around the city


For the person looking for some calm

There are only two certified Ikebana teachers in all of Israel and luckily, one of them gives weekly Ikebana classes at Tel Aviv’s newest yoga studio, Shraddha Yoga, located in leafy Neve Tsedek.  Participants can take their new skill, a handmade ceramic vase and their floral creations home for a totally zen weekend. 

Shraddha Yoga Studio3 Heichal Ha Talmud St, Tel Aviv

For the person who hates guidebooks but wants to see the sights

Instead of the typical hikes that guides will take you on, how about a hike under the full moon in the Gallilee or to Christianity’s oldest monasteries in the Hyrcania Valley? This alternative tour company offers the sort of tours for people looking for something off the beaten path...literally.

© Gabi Berger

Finjan IsraelLocations around Israel

For the person who is looking for some local spirit 

Founded in 2013, the Milk & Honey Distillery is Israel’s first whisky distillery producing high quality, single malt Israeli whisky that proudly stands alongside the world’s leading brands. The distillery has become an integral part of the Israeli alcohol and culinary scene and last year, Milk & Honey opened its visitor center, an attraction for locals and tourists alike, providing a unique experience of interactive tours, tastings, and Q&As. This is the perfect place to take your drinking buddy who wants to bring home some authentic goodies.

M&H Whisky Distillery16 HaThiya St, Jaffa


For the beach bum

Give someone a bathing suit and they wear it for a day, but teach them how to sew their own and they’ll swim in style for life. As the season of matkot and sun worshipping wanes, let your beachiest bosom buddy prepare for next summer with these classes - a finished bathing suit guaranteed! 

© Liran Katz Bilankis

Hamitpara, 17 Gordon St, Tel Aviv


For the product fiend who loves all natural ingredients

Developed by Dr. Dorrit Yosef, a specialist in the fields of naturopathy and natural cosmetics, Ama Lurra products have been formulated with extensive knowledge, and pure, natural ingredients plucked from the verdant Galilee, the primeval Dead Sea, and the wild Negev Desert, coupled with traditional hand-crafted methods. The beautifully-designed result is a high-end product line including facial care, soaps, lotions, deoderant, body oils, and candles. The Ama Lurra gift boxes are a true treat for anyone who craves delicous-smelling products straight from the land, and a thoughtful, healthy business model.

Ama Lurra, 145 Katznelson St, Givatayim

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