The Israel Museum delves into Israeli fashion with an ongoing exhibition

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Shahni Ben-Haim

Uncover the history behind the country’s fashion palette

© Laura Lochman

Currently on display at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is an exhibit exploring the history and counter culturalism of Israeli fashion. Titled, “Fashion Statements: Decoding Israeli Dress,” the garments on display represent historical pre-Zionist fashion and other clothes through the years to where European and Asian influence infiltrated the small Middle Eastern country’s sense of style and palette.

Meshi Sacks, 1930s-1940s © Israel Museum

With ongoing efforts for the Museum to explore the region’s cultural landscape, diving into fashion became essential. The exhibit also includes sketches, films, and photographs that represent Israel’s fashion world and are included to foster “a dialogue about tradition and modernity, myth and reality, and conflicting ideologies.”

© Laura Lochman

Featuring vintage and modern designs from notable heritage brands like Maskit and contemporary indie designers like Muslin Brothers, the museum is sure to give visitors a fun and knowledgeable dose of inspiration.

Amir Marc_dark Doll © Israel Musem

Fashion Statements: Decoding Israeli Dress, on display through April 6, 2019

The Israel Museum - 11 Ruppin Rd, Jerusalem For more info:

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