The new exhibition “Hanging from a Thread” tells the first-person accounts of refugees and asylum seekers

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Shahni Ben-Haim

Delve into the important, unique, and conflicted local narratives

As a part of Illustration Week, expats Tamar Lamdan and Carmit Shine have curated an exhibit featuring local artists living in Israel as refugees and asylum seekers.

© Cathy Raff

The exhibit, titled “Hanging from a Thread" strives to answer the questions of who these refugees are, where they are going, what they are doing, and how the places they are from fundamentally contrast with the places they are in now.

© Courtesy of "Hanging from a Thread"

Although Lamdan and Shine are not refugees themselves, they do feel familiar with the aspect of growing up in a country that is not their native birthplace, and they felt the importance to make this reality known to a broader audience. Specifically focusing on “lost dreams, memories, family, home, and hope” this exhibit puts the refugees and asylum seekers in the spotlight for them to actually share their own stories through their personal voices - instead of what is so often portrayed in the media.

With mobile displays symbolizing the uneasiness and unpredictability that comes with refugee or asylum seeker status to crocheted baskets made by Kuchinate, to provide the platform for empowerment in an unknown state, “Hanging from a Thread” allows onlookers to truly bear witness to how this significant local population copes on a daily basis.

Hanging from a Thread, Nov. 15-24

Abraham Hostel - 21 Levontin St, Tel Aviv

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