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The Tel Aviv Food Kiosks you want to try

The Tel Aviv Food Kiosks you want to try
© Matan Katz

New York may have their hot dog stands and halal carts and L.A. has their trendy food trucks and old school loncheros, but there’s no beating Tel Avis’s food kiosks. From the most perfect locally brewed cappuccino to a worth-every-calorie chocolate rugelach and everything in-between, here’s a look at all the food kiosks not-to-be-missed in Israel’s foodie capital.

Susu & Son
If you’ve ever questioned whether there can possibly be appeal in street meat, head to the perpetually packed Susu & Sons. Opened by famed Israeli chef Omer Miller the kiosk has seating along its edges where patrons enjoy fries and a curated list of burger variations.
 - 6 Herzl St (03-6666666) 



Omer Miller @ Susu & Sons© Noa Rosin  
© Noa Rosin




Dizengoff Kiosk

When a kiosk doesn’t even bother to brand itself with a name and yet is still consistently a popular choice – especially for lunch – you know their food must be worth your shekels. Located on Dizengoff Street at the intersection with Ben Gurion, this kiosk has an impressively large selection of sandwiches offered in all shapes and sizes and ranging from the gluten-free to the totally not kosher (think ham and cheese). They’ve also got pretzels, pastries, cookies, brownies and some pretty amazing cinnamon rolls and rugelach.
 - Dizengoff Street at the intersection with Ben Gurion Blvd 



Café Castel
Café Castel is the perfect place for a quick, casual bite. Order a coffee, pastry (anything with halva is strongly recommended) or a sandwich and sit at one of the tables set up alongside the kiosk. They get brownie points for fast and friendly service.
 - 153 Ibn Gabirol St (03-5543255)


Cafe Kastel
© Anatoli Michaelo


Tamara’s appeal can’t be understated. It’s the place for juices, pops, smoothies and acai bowls in Tel Aviv – meaning that the only time this spot isn’t bustling is on Shabbat when it’s closed. Place your order and then grab a seat at one of the tables (complete with umbrellas for sunny days) around the kiosk.
 - 171 Dizengoff St (03-5234449)



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Ben Yehuda Kiosk

If you think coffee is reserved for early mornings and afternoon slumps the no-name kiosk on Ben Yehuda at the intersection with Ben Gurion will prove you wrong. There is literally always a line and aside from a very small selection of sandwiches and pastries all they serve is coffee - a fantastic local coffee, called Dada, from Hod HaSharon to be exact.
- Ben Yehuda St at the intersection with Ben Gurion Blvd