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These Israeli designers and boutiques bring the cozy in spades

© Aya Wind
This is hygge - Israeli style:
Scented candles
Scented candles

© Lili Finkielsztein

On a cold day there’s nothing better than dimming the lights and enjoying a candle’s glow. Candle Room’s soy-based candles evoke the coziest feelings that the Middle East has to offer. Let the aromas create a warm atmosphere - recommended scents are sandalwood & tonka and oriental amber. 
Stylish pillows
When you’re stuck inside all day, who wouldn’t want to lean on and look at an extra chic pillow? A cushion from Knots Studio will add a layer of high-design hygge.  If their nautical themed pieces resonate with you, Knots also makes stools and cushions. 
Scarves for inside & outside
Bundle up on a cold day with a scarf from Gily Ilan.  Dress up what you’re already wearing at home, and when you’re finally ready to put on real clothes to brave the outdoors, keep the elegant scarf as part of your look. 
Luxe sweaters
Just because you’re inside watching movies doesn’t mean that you should ignore how you look. Just the opposite is true if you are invested in hygge. Update your wardrobe with a luxe sweater from Duende made from alpaca, wool, mohair, and cashmere. 
The warmest blanket
Add a layer of sumptuousness to your home with a blanket to cuddle up with on the couch. Look no further than La Porte Blanche’s quilts and blankets in muted colors, the effect is a new essential that looks like it’s been in your home forever. 
Sold in Pieces, Épicerie Fine, Gloria Mundi and HaDarim
Handmade slippers & more
Frida Rafael

© Shiraz Grinbaum

Rafael Wool off Allenby stocks handmade scarves, sweaters, and slippers - the trifecta when it comes to hygge-wear. The owner hosts felting workshops where you can learn how to make these items for yourself and your loved ones.  It’s the perfect skill to hone as winter approaches. 
Twinkle lights
The spot to get twinkle lights to casually drape around your house? Matalon Street. Head into stores you frequent for Purim and Yom Ha’atzmaut for this warm touch.  Some come with electrical cords and others with batteries, and prices usually range from NIS 50-100.  
Matalon Street, Tel Aviv
A spot of tea
What is cozier than arriving home with a bounty from Palais de Tea? From flavorful rooibos and matcha to herbal infusions, and rare, limited edition batches of  the likes of Darjeeling First Flush, this tea emporium sets the mood for some serious coziness.
More candles
Another secret of Hygge? Tealight candles you can purchase by the bagful at the supermarket. These candles burn for a few hours and create a lovely glow. Tuck these candles in places you wouldn’t normally (an out of sight shelf) to create pockets of light that make your space feel warm everywhere.