This October: The Stranglers will take on the Barby, Tel Aviv

By Time Out Israel Writers

The influential British rock band will arrive in Israel this coming October as part of "The Definitive Tour." At the same time, the band will re-release their first seven albums (one of which is live). The Stranglers were established in 1974 as a punk band by the name: "The Guildford Stranglers." Later, the band changed their style to alternative rock, and over the years, they became one of the most influential rock ensembles from Britain.

The band's first three albums came out at a fast pace with only a year between each of them, and included hits like "Peaches" and "No More Heroes." Like the fantasies of any band in its early days, the critics did not really connect to the psychedelic keys and the drummer's jazz feel, but for the fans the situation was completely different. The band continued to release hits, and in the 80s they duplicated their success with winning hits like "Golden Brown" and "Always The Sun."

The Strangers have captured their anti-establishment image for many years, but in recent years their members have merged into the establishment, and even appeared on BBC at the Royal Albert Hall.


October 16. Barby, 52 Qibbutz Galuyot Rd, Tel Aviv. NIS 210 (early sale)

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