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Today it begins: Tel Aviv's Ferrarelle Pizza Fest 2019 is underway

Today it begins: Tel Aviv's Ferrarelle Pizza Fest 2019 is underway
Ferrarelle Pizza Fest © Shani Brill

Five days, five chef-made pizzas: Tomer Agai, Yuval Ben Neriah, Avi Biton, Haim Cohen and Tom Aviv will fly you to Naples without ever moving off the couch. We're here to help you choose what to eat

Prepare some space in your bellies, gear up your WOLT apps, and get ready for a delicious chef pizza session as part of the first virtual pizza fest - beginning today. You don't have to dress up, get out of the house or pretend you're having fun at a meaningless social event.

Ferrarelle Pizza Fest, in collaboration with the WOLT app, is launching the first urban and virtual version of the traditional Naples pizza festival. Tel Aviv's pizza lovers and their friends will be able to order any of the special pizzas available in selective, limited batches each day starting at 6 p.m. In addition to a gorgeous delivery person with a blue T shirt and a hot pizza tray with bubbling cheese, you will also receive a bottle of fresh Ferrarelle water to enhance the experience for only NIS 59.

So what's on the menu?

Avi Biton (Cafe Popular):
A Fricassee pizza with tuna toppings, arisa, hot peppers and mozzarella cheese.

Avi Biton © Shani Brill

Tom Aviv (Coco Bambino):
White pizza with sugary figs, caramelized leeks, arugula leaves, mozzarella, pine nuts and balsamic sauce.

Tom Aviv © Shani Brill

Haim Cohen (Yaffo Tel Aviv):
Şanlıurfa Pizza that is a kind of Lahmacun with a Neapolitan upgrade of kebab chips, eggplant, tomatoes and caramelized onions.

Haim Cohen © Shani Brill

Tomer Agai (Santa Katarina):
Arabian bianca with spinach, hameiri cheese, sour cream, olive oil, green chilli and oregano.

Tomer Agai © Shani Brill

Yuval Ben Neriah (Taizu, Miazaki and Ya Pan):
Umami pizza with parmesan cheese, sun-dried cherry tomatoes, anchovies, arugula leaves and mustard.

Yuval Ben Neriah © Shani Brill

All five Neapolitan pizzas will be available on the WOLT app in the next five days only - until November 14. Pizza sales will be available from 6pm to midnight in the neighborboods of Tel Aviv. 

If you are still walking to pick up your food as if it's 2007, it is time to download the WOLT app:

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