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Vegan soup for the Tel Aviv soul

Vegan soup
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Jerusalem Artichoke Soup - Popina

© Anatoly Michaello

Chef Orel Kimchi combines winter flavors from Israel and Europe and textures play in the thick Jerusalem artichoke soup of carrots, onions and garlic, topped with chestnut cream, egg and truffles.
NIS 62
Red Curry Soup - Nina

© Eli Kabilo

Original vegan version of the Thai curry dish: Coconut milk-based soup with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and fresh asparagus, lemon grass and chopped green onion, and a few roasted almonds above. The dish is served in a generous plate with a baked mini Moroccan bread, because vegans also love carbohydrates.
NIS 28
Indian Tomato Soup - Captain Curry
Captain Curry

© Guy Balis

Chef Jonathan Roshfeld does not spare anyone, and makes an addictive soup that will burn your mouth. It has tomato juice, onion, garlic, chickpeas, coriander, coconut milk, Indian curry, and of course hot peppers.
NIS 18