Waking Up the City © Guy Yechiely

Waking Up the City: Tel Aviv celebrates the residents involvement

By Time Out Israel

This month more than 40 initiatives, projects and events will be hosted and performed by Tel Aviv city residents. The upcoming week of activities includes residents' participation, encouraging and inviting thousands to take part

Starting tomorrow, a host of interactive events will be held by city residents from all walks of life and interest: sustainability, community, culture, solidarity, education, transportation and more. In addition, there will be events to encourage engagement and launches of new tools and platforms for residents. This is the second year of 'Engagement Week', which was created to inspire and give practical tools to city residents who want to drive change in a variety of issues that are close to their hearts.

Waking Up the City © Guy Yechiely

Notable events during week include:
The Social Salon - 40 inspirational characters, working towards change in a variety of fields, will be hosted in a private salon including talks with the Heymann Brothers, Alex Rif, Silvi Jan, System Ali and more.

Celebration involvement in Bialik Square - Tel Aviv activists take over the entire complex of Bialik Square with workshops, lectures and lots of activism: the artists Shoshke, senior heads of municipal departments for eye-level conversation, a writing club with a word battle, political drag workshops, a new protest poetry booth at the Pride Center, and more.

Social activism graffiti - from Women Deported to Breakthrough, check out the graffiti produced by Jaffa women to strengthen the status of divorced women in Arab society.

Clean the coast - protest installation made out of cigarette butts, collected by volunteers from the beaches, whichcreates awareness of the fact that about 10 million cigarette butts are thrown daily on the beaches in Israel.
Waking up Jerusalem Boulevard - a "Treasure Hunt" amongst the veteran businesses in Jaffa and all the stories and history of Jerusalem Boulevard.

Activities for the Third Age - 'My Story'' is a joint photography workshop for foreign caregivers and their patients. "80 and Four" is an evening on the importance of intergenerational relations and social involvement in the third age and more.
Waking Up the City

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