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The world is an imperfect place. So when something as perfect as a beautiful baby girl enters into it, sometimes unfair circumstances can arise to skew this ephemeral perfection. In the case of Ranni Fisher, those circumstances came in the form of a rare metabolic disorder known as Leigh syndrome. Due to the devastating disorder, Ranni never got to celebrate her second birthday.  

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When tragedy strikes, there are two paths people usually take: stopping in one's tracks, succumbing to a numb, stagnant existence, or doubling one's pace, finding ways to take action, such as reaching out to a caring community. Ranni's mother, Sivan, has chosen the latter. She turned an impossible situation into a productive initiative, establishing Ranni's Wish Foundation in her daughter's memory. Sivan's vision includes a genetic/metabolic center at the Dana-Dwek Children’s hospital for those families whose children are also grappling with rare diseases and metabolic disorders much like that which took the life of her sweet Ranni.

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Israeli jewelry designers Agas & Tamar have recently joined the cause, helping to spread awareness and raise funds for the foundation through a unique bracelet design. Ranni's Wish bracelet is comprised of a red cotton string – a familiar concept in Israel – with a small balloon charm attached to it, "filled with inspiration, memory, hope and future." While some fundraisers only donate a portion of the proceeds to charity, Agas & Tamar have taken a purely altruistic approach whereby they promise to relay 100% of the proceeds from these bracelets to Ranni's Wish Foundation.

My dear friend Sivan is working on a beautiful foundation supporting an incredible cause. Sivan was a mother of precious and sweet girl named Ranni. The universe wasn't fair and Ranni had a rare genetic metabolic disease and died at an extremely young age. I will never forget her and forever she'll be in my heart. Ranni’s Wish bracelet was designed by Agas & Tamar and created with love for Ranni’s Wish foundation. This foundation was established in memory of Ranni Fisher and is dedicated to help children whom are suffering from genetic metabolic diseases. The bracelet is made with a red cotton string that has a small balloon attached filled with inspiration, memory, hope and future. All the proceeds from the bracelets will be contributed to Ranni’s Wish foundation to assist in establishing a genetic metabolic center at the Dana-Dwek Children’s hospital. 🎈 #ranniswish #4ranni #הצמידשלרני

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Gal Gadot is a dear friend of Sivan Fisher. She has already purchased the red bracelet, and told the world about it. Why not join her? Purchase your wish bracelet online or at Agas & Tamar, 43 Shabazi St, Neve Tzedek.

Trust us, helping a good cause, never felt – or looked – better.

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