Winter Soup Festival at Jerusalem's Inbal Hotel

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Get your bellies ready for a variety of simmering soups to keep you warm during Jerusalem's winter days

When the temperatures (finally!) plummet, there is nothing like the Jerusalem winter to enjoy a rich, comforting soup. Out of great love for soups and the culinary abundance of raw materials that Jerusalem offers, a seasonal tradition called the "Winter Soup Festival" was created at the Inbal Hotel for its fifth year now. The festival takes place Sunday through Thursday until the end of winter, at the hotel entrance complex. During the festival, six different types of soups will be prepared on a daily basis at the hotel by chef Nir Elkayam, who preserves his grandmother's special recipes.

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Guests of the hotel and tourists who come to visit the Holy City are invited to enjoy the tastes offered at the hotel at the cost of NIS 69 for unlimited servings. Apart from rich soups such as Italian Minestrone, French-style onion, Green leafy soup with spinach, chard and celery, roasted peppers, vegetable and grits soup, chickpea and spinach, beans and roots, and more rotating options, there will also be a variety of breads and dips, croutons, and flavored brochettes.

The soups are available on an 'all-you-can-eat' basis, and self-service.
Sunday to Thursday, 12:00-22:00
Inbal Jerusalem Hotel, 3 Ze'ev Jabotinsky St, Jerusalem (02-6756666)
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