Word on the Street: 7 ridiculous things we've overheard in Tel Aviv this month (December 2017)

Written by
Time Out Israel Writers
This printer smells like olives.
Time Out Israel Offices
What happens after the first hour? 
Are we no longer happy?
French 57
Ok, that’s the last festival I go to without a diaper on.
Rothschild Allenby Market
Did you get the SMS invitation to my brother’s bar mitzvah?
Café Landwer
Want a pickled cucumber?
Since when do we crossbreed vegetables? What’s next? Spider pigs?
Charles Clore Park
First my scooter broke, and then I crushed my foot thumb.
Ichilov Hospital
I’m convinced that the harder I push it, the better it’ll work.
You talkin’ about the printer or your sex life?
Time Out Israel Offices
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