Your online guide to Tel Aviv through gay tourist websites

By Kristof Steiner

It might be hard to find Gay Tel Aviv’s hottest spot, since the White City doesn’t have a specific gay area. But, the entirety of the city is absolutely gay-friendly. Check out these popular LGBTQ sites on the regular and you'll be sure to know where the latest party is – and who to go with.

You online guide to Tel Aviv through gay tourist websites:

The Gay Israel Guide

“Come experience Israel, where you can express yourself, indulge yourself, or just be yourself in cosmopolitan gay-friendly cities and resort towns” – says the headline of this Tel Aviv-focused website. It invites all LGBTQ people to a year-round vibrant scene with a dazzling nightlife, hip restaurants, stylish boutiques and busy streets filled with clubs and cafés. This website is perfect for those who love to go out-and-about: catch a Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, lose yourself in the LGBT Pride celebrations and be in-the-know of the best art and culture festivals.

Tel Aviv Gay Vibe

“Rising from the golden shores of the Mediterranean stands one of the most intriguing and exciting new gay capitals of the world – Tel Aviv!” Dramatically ecstatic as it may sound, this website accurately introduces the White City as a piece of gay heaven. Tel Aviv is described as the ideal combination of a perfect vacation for men and women – promising gorgeous guys dancing at the hottest clubs and stunningly beautiful women enjoying its pure shores. Highlighted are the modern and contemporary art galleries, cutting-edge fashion, local and international cuisine and history-filled streets. Their motto: “With its perfect weather, Tel Aviv invites you to have fun, be free and feel fabulous!”


 Gay Way Tel Aviv

“We’re a mission-driven gay travel company. We provide our clients expert knowledge and exclusive deals on Tel Aviv and Israel’s greatest vacations,” says the introduction of this website, and the founders promise they'll only recommend places they’ve been to, loved and would frequent again. The company specializes in developing gay and lesbian vacations, with a strong emphasis on quality and authenticity. “All the travel packages are built by gays and lesbians who know and understand the best and the most interesting attractions in Tel Aviv and Israel. The hotels we work with are all either owned by gays or are super gay-friendly and carefully chosen,” explains the founder of the site.


“Atraf," literally meaning “crazy,” is the largest Tel Aviv-based online community for those of any and all spectrums of sexuality. “Meet hot guys worldwide or near you: let us set you up with locals and other visitors,” the sites expresses. Guests are welcome after a quick (and free) registration and thousands of online members are ready to meet and greet. With detailed member profiles, you can search by preference, with public and private chat rooms waiting for those who have no time to hesitate. Motto: “The ultimate gay-guide to Tel Aviv with updated info about the hottest parties!”

Last but not least, check out Kristof Steiner's with news about LGBTQ rights, party listings and fashion by Israeli designers for both men and women. His motto? Find the top secrets of Tel Aviv insider’s manual and spread the knowledge!

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