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The best bars and restaurants surrounding Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue

Great Synagogue, great food, great drinks, great fun. You won't see a whole lot of praying around this Holy site

© Shlomi Yosef

Only in Tel Aviv – the cultural capital of Israel – could the grandest synagogue in town also be the most happening area to grab a drink or a quick bite. With funky chef restaurants like Port Said owned by Tel Aviv street food icon Eyal Shani, the tastiest Thai food in the city, and the juiciest burger in Tel Aviv just nextdoor on Allenby, the Great Synagogue is the focal point for a foolproof evening out. Not to mention, the area is home to a stellar Tel Aviv nightlife scene, spinning cool beats that draw the hipsters over from their Florentin cave. So come one, come all, come early because these popular bars and restaurants around the Great Synagogue fill up fast.

Wining and dining around the Great Synagogue


Thai at Har Sinai

This trendy spot is ideal for anyone looking for a fun night out that won’t break the bank. The atmosphere really makes this place unique. Surprisingly, it has a very Copacabana feel, with a funk/soul DJ playing one great tune after another. The drinks are excellent, providing a large range of creative cocktails. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the lychee mojito is for you. The menu is comprised of relatively small dishes, perfect for sharing. The flavours are slightly sweeter than you are likely to find in authentic Thai restaurants, yet asian nonetheless. If you are not a fan of spice, make sure to tell your waiter/waitress- the chefs are definitely big fans of the chilli.  

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Shishko is an intimate space with pictures lining the walls and dark wooden furniture, all amplified by cool music. Come to Shishko for the charming decor and stay to savor a variety of Bulgarian dishes such as their Bulgarian stew, a combination of meat and vegetables served up in a ceramic jar, stuffed peppers, moussaka, kebabs and more. All dishes are accompanied by a classic Bulgarian sauce called Lotte Nice, providing a creamy and delicious partner to the comforting food. Shishko’s bar gets the most attention, with numerous cocktails, and wine and beer options.  

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Otsar is a bar and casual nightclub, boasting quality cocktails and a fine dance floor for strutting your stuff. Check out their social media pages in order to see upcoming parties and musical acts. Catering to a more hipster crowd than the typical nightclub in Tel Aviv, Otsar is great for those who try to keep it casual, but still like to dance. They offer live music, welcome dogs and have a happy hour, with a welcoming atmosphere. Created by veterans of the Tel Aviv bar scene, Otsar knows how to keep its customers coming back for more.

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Port Said

Located just across from the largest synagogue in Tel Aviv, you won’t find anyone praying here. With a massive vinyl collection, the hippest waitresses, and a food menu created under the supervision of iconic Israeli chef, Eyal Shani (of Miznon and Beit Romano), you’ll understand why Port Said has been successfully serving the young communities of Tel Aviv for years. Featuring innovative Israeli dishes, there is always a new menu addition to savor. While the wait may be long and the energy intense, no visit to Tel Aviv is complete without an evening at this iconic spot. So grab a Goldstar, some delectable food, and spend your night chilling under the stars with the locals at Port Said.

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