Abd El-Hadi Sweets

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Abd El-Hadi Sweets
© Reut Cohen

Time Out says

An authentic taste of Arabic sweets and Turkish coffee that will makes things right again.

Walk into Abd el Hadi sweets shop in the Arab neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas, and you won’t believe your eyes. Endless varieties of baklava made in-house and stacked into artful pyramids, fill the shop, along with the supersized trays of local delicacy, orange knaffe, made of syrup drenched buttery shredded phyllo dough and mild sheep’s cheese, ready to be cut and served warm. Eat at the few small tables available, or get an assortment of your choosing freshly vacuum sealed to-go. The sticky syrup drenched treats and small white cups of cardamom-laced extra strong Turkish coffee create a serendipitous combination that has pleased the shop’s customers for the last 35 years.


3 Sh'hadah Shalach St
Coffee (upon request) and baklava for two NIS 35
Opening hours:
Sun-Sat 09:00-23:00
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