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A foodie heaven for those seeking vegan goodness

Newly opened in Haifa’s open-air market, Artishoke is already making a splash on the Israeli healthy eating scene.  Offering vegan, gluten free, and sugar-free options in both groceries and ready to eat food, such as snacks, treats, and wholesome sandwiches, the boutique food store offers up a solution for every dietary need you may have.  A hip market and lunch spot by day, this unique store also transforms into a bar on Thursday evenings, when beer on tap is served at alarmingly low prices, and in delightful company.


Venue name: Artishoke
Address: 27 Sirkin St
Shuk Talpiot

Opening hours: Sun: 08:30-17:00; Mon.-Wed:08:30-19:00; Thurs: 08:30-23:30; Fri: 08:30-17:00; Closed Saturdays
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