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Plants make this new eatery go 'round.

Google “future of food” and you’re bound to see a plethora of articles and newsworthy stories describing plant-based restaurants. Today, culinary heavyweights in the likes of Jose Andreas, are opening plant-based restaurants from San Francisco, to Toronto, to Paris in what is sure to be a force that takes over the culinary world. Now Tel Aviv can proudly say that they join the ranks of a plant-based movement with an exemplary team leading the way. Dan Arvatz, a gastronomic pistol, joins culinary forces Ben Rothschild, Chanoch Schecter and Donna Yarzin to bring Bana, a splendid meeting point of design, atmosphere, and extraordinary food. Applying a keen understanding of technique, precision and application, this restaurant proves that plants can do anything meat does, and perhaps even more.


Venue name: Bana
Address: 36 Nachmani St
Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Sat-Wed 19:00-23:00, Thu 19:00-23:30, Fri Closed
Static map showing venue location