Bread and Meat

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Bread and Meat
© Anatoly Michaello

Go back to the basics with these tasty offerings at Bread and Meat restaurant.

As its name suggests, Bread and Meat is a restaurant specializing in delicious staples – high quality breads, tender meats, and light sides of vegetables and salads. Nothing more, nothing less. This Kosher restaurant serves up chicken, lamb, beef, and fish alongside fresh vegetable sides and fluffy foccacia and sourdough bread. Drawing inspiration from its ancient location at the First Station, the restaurant mixes an urban atmosphere – featuring shared seating options and a bar – with eclectic decorations. Don’t forget to bring your appetite and Kosher meat eating companions to dine at this quality restaurant.


Venue name: Bread and Meat
Address: 4 David Remez St, Hatahana Harishona, Kikar David Remez

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 12:00-23:00, Fri 12:00-2 hours before Shabbat, Sat 90 min after Shabbat-23:00
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