Café Shapira

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Café Shapira
© Anatoly Michaello

Time Out says

Established in March 2015, Café Shapira proudly holds the title of the first neighborhood café in the area.

This local gathering spot is situated on the corner of an open grove turned community garden, with an assortment of chairs, mats and pillows strewn under giant trees. At Café Shapira, students work on laptops while eating tasty Bukharian bread sandwiches, couples share the vegan “Kol Tuv” plate of fresh vegetables, and children run around barefoot. The café was intended to be a place for community initiatives and dialogue, and with weekly Friday markets that attract local artisans, chefs, and hairdressers, alongside themed DJ nights featuring neighborhood artists, the café is well on the path to achieving its mission.



Address: 15 Ralbag St
Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Sun-Thur 08:00-00:00, Fri 08:00-16:00, Sat Closed

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