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Eight days of Hanukkah sufganiyot: the festival of bites

This Hanukkah, go nuts with donuts at these eight bakeries

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Whether filled, fried, powdered or glazed, we've rounded up the most delectable donuts for your Hanukkah desires. Don't just drool over these mouthwatering greasy treats, go out and try them for yourself. 

Eight days of sufganiyot


First night: Bakery 

This Chanukka one of the best bakery chains in the city will get you addicted. Although Bakery has mastered the art of French pastries, when it comes to sufganiyot, they are even better. Whether it's their traditional strawberry jam-filled donuts or the toffee caramel ones, you are sure to come back asking for more. In addition, you can buy a special Chanukka gift bag with all the beloved items of this holiday like a dreidel, a flashlight, chocolate coins and more. Unique wooden dreidels and Chanukka candles are availble too. 

Branches across Tel Aviv, including 72 Ibn Gvirol, 13 Yad Haruzim St, 260 Dizengoff st, and 67 Weizmann St. 


Second night: Biscotti

Not far from the eastern side of Park HaYarkon sits a little piece of bakery bliss called “Biscotti.” If you’re heading to the train station or biking nearby, Biscotti is worth thesmall detour. Don’t be fooled by the name, this kosher bakery offers more than just the iconic Italian almond biscuit. The Biscotti bakers have mastered the art of the jelly donut, pumping out the perfect ratio of strawberry filling to doughevery time. In addition to the classic, their Channukah collection includes: Belgian chocolate cream, white chocolate cream, banana split, TuttiFrutti, toffee cream, and a chic coconut donut with pink sparkles.

67 Hayarkon St, BneiBrak (03-5704015/biscotti.co.il)


Third night: Piece of Cake

Pass by Piece of Cake and marvel at the display of colorful donutscalling to you from behind their giant glass window. Year round, this bakery specializes in both vegan and non-vegan baked goods, so why should Channukah be any different? The King George bakery matches their four regular options: Nutella, dulce de leche, Belgian chocolate and the ever-so-popular strawberry jelly-filled, with four vegan options: Belgian chocolate glazed with sprinkles, a halva donut unique to Israel, and the classic sugar coated and jam-filled sufganiyot. Pop into Piece of Cake’s Tel Aviv or Jaffa locations for a limited editionpiece of heaven.

46 King George St, Tel Aviv; 17 Yehuda Hayamit St, Jaffa; check their website to see where else theirdonuts are available (03-6822163/http://pieceofcake.co.il/)


Fourth night: Metuka

You can’t go wrong with a place whose name literally means “sweet” in Hebrew. Metuka is a must-visit donut destination. And the best part is, they deliver! But, if you’re popping into one of their four shops, make sure to come early as they tend to run out of finger lickin’ fried dough by sunset. Last year, the Metuka chain made chocolate the star, offering a wide selection of chocolatyconfections. Checkonline to see what’s in store this year. No matter what, we promise creations that are glazed, crazed, and simply amaze—with guaranteed classics and latkes to match. 

18 Herzl St; Asuta Hospital,HaBarzel St; Ramat Hahayal;30 Tagor, Ramat Aviv, or order online(1-700-723723/http://metuka.co.il/)



Fifth Night: Boutique Central

Four deep-fried days down, four to go! You’re halfway to heaven and probably in a cholesterol coma by now, so why not take a break from fried food with a slightly healthier option. Boutique Central offers a selection of donuts that are baked—not fried—so they’re a little less greasy, but equallydelicious. The baked brioche donut with crème patissiere is a little bite of Parisian paradise, while their chocolate caramel, Nutella and traditional strawberry jam sufganiyot are valid contenders.

Branches across Tel Aviv including Dizengoff, Ben Yehuda, Rothschild Blvd, Frishman (1-700-700-061/http://www.boutiquecentral.co.il)


Sixth night: Lehamim Bakery

As we all know, Channukah is the festival lights, but Lehamim brings us the festival of delights. The celebrated European bakery fuses fine quality with simplicity to produce sufganiyot that pack a punch. Keeping with their minimalist approach, indulge in their traditional raspberry or strawberry jam-filled donuts, or branch off and try the chocolate, caramel, or marzipan creations. While Canada has the maple leaf staple“timbit,” and the U.S. dunks the “munchkin” in their coffee, Lehamim offers mini donut “bites” that will blow your mind. Choose between fried or baked, and let the European euphoriawin you over.

103 HaHashmonaim St, Tel Aviv and other branches; countrywide delivery (03-5618111/http://www.lehamim.co.il)


Seventh night: Shemo Bakeries

The long-standing establishment has simple standards: clean, fresh, and tasty. They fry every holiday donut with these three things in mind…and it shows in every baked good. Taking the culinary art to new heights, the chefs at ShemoBakery have whipped up incredibly unique designs this year. Cookies and cream concoctions with an icing pipette sit atop a bed of crumbled Oreos, candy-coated vanilla donuts satisfy your sugar tooth, and the traditional jelly donuts are powdered to perfection. Gorge on gluten at any of Shemo’s mouthwatering branches.

Multiple branches across Israel(03.744.8070/http://www.shemo.co.il/branches.html)


Eight (last but not least) night: Roladin

This donut shop has dominated the sufganiyot scene for 27 years. With an explosive demand during the Channukah season, NoaAharoni, Roladin’s CEO, has launched their holiday line twomonths early. “This year, we’ve combined a variety of textures with surprising aesthetics and tastes in order to subject our customers to the world of French patisserie.”Theluxury combinations include: coffee-toffee banana (banana ganache topped with caramelized almonds, milk chocolate, coffee beans and a coffee-toffee finish), berries and mascarpone (vanilla mascarpone creamtopped with berries, chocolate, and blueberry icing),and “St. Honoré” (mascarpone cream topped with white chocolate caramel, chocolate icing, Chantilly cream and profiteroles). At NIS 10 a piece, who can resist buying into this beautifully bright,buttery Jewish tradition?

Check website for nearest location: http://www.roladin.co.il/