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© Anatoly Michaello
© Anatoly Michaello

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Fantastic is a collaborative force of elements and industry professionals at the top of their game.

The new Fantastic in the old north of the city works on an entirely different level. “People are looking for something to talk about and remember, but also to eat well,” says Ariel Leizgold, owner of the 223 group (Bellboy, Hotel de Ville). “We defined Fantastic as a fantastical world of hospitality, and we knew that the surprises would be a significant part of the experience - the spaces, the designed cocktails, the presentation of the dishes, and of course Instagram, which brings with it a lot of desire to see, to be seen, and to take photos of special things.” Fantastic checks all the boxes that characterize the bars of this new type: divided to different zones that provide various entertainment experiences and a food menu created by esteemed Israeli chef Edith Fadida.



Address: 1 Tsidon St
Tel Aviv


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