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Meal of fortune

Meal of fortune: the most fitting Tel Aviv restaurant to match your astrological sign

What does your restaurant horoscope say?

By Marissa Shapiro

Whether you're a believer in astrology or not, there is something oddly powerful about those horoscopes hiding in the back section of your daily newspaper. We've taken these twelve star-studded Zodiak signs and matched the personality traits associated with them with some of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. From slipping onto a hidden rooftop as a Cancer, to making an entrance at one of Tel Aviv's leading boutique hotels as a Leo, here's a pairing you'll definitely want to savor.  

A Tel Aviv restaurant for every sign

© Haim Yosef

1. Aries: OCD

Restaurants Tel Aviv - Jaffa

The more exciting, the better for this fire sign all about originality and experimentation. Stylish restaurant OCD is one of Tel Aviv’s most daring offerings with a nine-course tasting menu that begs to expect the unexpected. Make reservations well in advance – this place only seats a total of 19 people – and show up with an open palate for something entirely innovative.

© Anatoly Michaello

2. Taurus: Ha’achim

Restaurants Mediterranean Tel Aviv City Center

With a focus on comfort and culture, Taurus is tuned in on the group versus the individual. With sweet twinkle lights illuminating the sidewalk and an infectious, good energy inside and out, HaAchim is the place to go for a group meal with friends and family. Enjoy long, loud convos and feel at home.

© Ben Yuster

3. Gemini: Aria

Restaurants Mediterranean White City

Gemini is gifted with boundless imagination and versatility whose split nature is no better represented than by Aria. Why have one night out, when you can have two? Its downstairs lounge has craft cocktails and a top-notch sound system with a clubby vibe. Its upstairs twin is a fine-dining chef restaurant with a refined dinner menu.

© Alon Horesh

4. Cancer: Suramare

Bars Cocktail bars White City

Like the crab, with its hard shell and tender interior, Cancers are known to protect their secrets – but they equally delight in uncovering new ones. Luckily for Cancers, Tel Aviv’s coolest spots are often concealed behind back doors like Suramare, perched on the tenth floor of an office building, smack-dab in the middle of the city’s mayhem.

Hotel Montefiore
Hotel Montefiore
© Idit Ben Uliel

5. Leo: Hotel Montefiore

Restaurants French White City

Always at the ready to make an entrance, this regal sign is something to behold. Likewise, somehow both understated and dazzling, Hotel Montefiore’s bar and restaurant make you feel as if you’re the star of your very own film. With mood lighting and red roses, the romantic spot is prime for a classy evening out on the town. 

© Anatony Michaelo

6. Virgo: Shmuel Kebabs

Restaurants Israeli Shuk  HaCarmel

When there’s disorder, count on Virgo to take care of things and bring them back to normal.  Their practicality and no-nonsense approach is defined by Shmuel, in the Shuk.  Traditional Israeli fare like kebab and pita sandwiches are made right in front of you, served quickly and devoured even faster.

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