Restaurants, Mediterranean Galilee
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Celebrating the most superb ingredients in the area, everything is made in-house; hyper-local at its best.

Literally a place like no other in Israel – writers head here for inspiration, foodies go to get a fresh and seasonal culinary fill and nature enthusiasts cultivate a connection with the land. Not to mention those who are also looking for a luxury experience. Helmed by Chef Haim Tibi, a place that is at once a familiar, inviting and luxury experience – with authentic hospitality and a love of the land at its humble source.



Venue name: Muscat
Address: Hotel Mitzpe Hayamim, Rosh Pina
Rosh Pina

Opening hours: Sun-Sat 13:30-00:00
Price: Dinner for two (including drinks): around NIS 300-400
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