Savta Sandwiches

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Savta Sandwiches
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There’s good, and then there’s Sandwich Safta.

These devilishly delicious sandwiches contain all specially made local Israeli ingredients, on handmade buns that are grilled to perfection. If you aren’t worried about kashrut, then go for their signature ‘hot dog’ sandwich with special recipe salami, ‘pastrama’ and cheese, all grilled together, then arranged in a bun that is slathered with mayo and house sauce, and topped off with fresh vegetables. The combination of smoked deli meats will send you singing, and certainly cover any bacon cravings you may be having. But don’t worry if you are vegetarian! The Safta boys have all the bases covered with dreamy veggie and vegan-friendly options, such as egg salad with fried onions (all part of the ‘aruchat eser’ section of the menu) and even a yummy grilled vegetable, avocado and tahini concoction. Inspired by Bracha – another famous Haifa sandwichier – and a lifetime of feeding friends and family with his smokey and savory deli combinations, Owner Shai brings a vintage American-style diner feel to the Haifa streets, and infuses it with a local Israeli spirit, and a penchant for the absolutely delicious.



Venue name: Savta Sandwiches
Address: 2 Tsafririm St.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 9:00-23:30 , Fri 9:00-16:30, Sat 12:00-23:30
Price: Lunch for two with drinks NIS 75-80
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