Seeds Patisserie

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Seeds Patisserie
© Ilan Narinsky

Veggie burgers, tofu, vegan galore, Seeds Patisserie will leave you wanting more.

Searching for a venue to get your vegan fix? Look no further. Step inside Seeds and let the heavenly aromas of vegan cheesecake and fresh butter(less) pastries win you over. As if the assortment of homemade pastries isn’t enough, Seeds also sells a hodgepodge of frozen fare like vegan meatballs, veggie burgers, tofu and seaweed pastries filled with pure love. The perfect solution to Veganism in the “White City,” even if you are not a vegan going in, after trying these delicacies, you just might choose to convert.


Venue name: Seeds Patisserie
Address: King George St 97
Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Sun-Thu08:00-20:30, Fri 08:00-16:30
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