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Truly authentic Middle Eastern food, cooked simply to allow the ultra-local ingredients to shine.

Going to Sharabic is like going home—if your family is full of fantastic Lebanese cooks who hand pick wild ingredients from their backyard. Don’t expect to find expensive, fancy or complicated dishes here, but rather humble, simple and rustic food made from fresh ingredients bursting with flavor. Yaakov, the owner and chef, ventures out into Israeli nature to gather wild plants, then brings them back to his little restaurant to cook up ultra-fresh, seasonal dishes for those lucky enough to stop by and experience his hidden gem. Instead of offering just the usual hummus and shawarma, they serve up lesser-known, unique Arabic cuisine, such as eggplant with tahini in pomegranate sauce, stuffed cabbage, and wild spinach pastries.


Venue name: Sharabic

Opening hours: Tues-Sun: 10:00-16:00
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