Shawarma Emil

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Shawarma Emil‬
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The ultimate meat-lover’s street food in its perfected form.

If you want uncontested, no-frills shawarma that melts in your mouth, then Shawarma Emil is your winner in all categories. Upon ordering, meat is shaved with care off the hand-woven kebab, that is slow roasted each day until succulent and tender. The meat, a combination of fresh veal and sheep, is kept moist with the standard slab of lamb fat adhered to the top. Emil’s takes it one step further and lets the rendering fat roll down the meat and onto a bed of onions and tomatoes that are later featured in your pita. Top it off with fresh parsley and homemade sauces, pickled mango (amba) and tahini, and crunch on a pungent turmeric marinated cauliflower pickle to cleanse the palate between meaty bites.



Venue name: Shawarma Emil
Address: 33 Derech Allenby

Opening hours: Sun-Fri 11:00-Until the shawarma runs out (around 15:00)
Price: Lunch for two with drinks 65 NIS
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