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The top Tel Aviv bakeries to indulge in Hamantaschen

Dive into nostalgia with these triangular pastries, as much a Purim staple as your first princess costume

© Meir Cohen

It's a bag! It's a hat! It's an ear? While the majority of the world calls them 'Hamantaschen', calling them anything but 'Oznei Haman' in Israel is returned by blank stares. Even when misspelled, the international term receives thousands of more hits on Google than its Israeli companion. Whatever you want to call them, these triangular pastries are where the true Purim party’s at. While Americans start their Halloween Hallmark holiday early with themed cards and costume shop sales, Israel’s Halloween counterpart invites Hamantaschen to the Tel Aviv bakery scene – overflowing in abundance behind glass windows. We’ve rounded up the tastiest places to indulge in Hamantaschen of every kind; from chocolate to fruit filled to pure poppy seed bliss, you don’t have to be a kid to treat your sweet tooth this Purim

Where to get your Hamantaschen fix


NOLA, American Bakery

Nola is an adorable American bakery and cafe on Dizengoff Street known for its nostalgic treats, including chewy chocolate chip cookies, homemade peppermint patties and Nola’s signature Mud Pie—made of Graham cracker crust and filled with chocolate fudge, cream, pecans and chocolate. They have a nice selection of breakfasts, sandwiches and American comfort food classics too.

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Old North

Lehamim Bakery

Working throughout the night, the staff of Lehamim Bakery starts to create their delicious and precisely made breads when all of us still dream. With three separate locations in Tel Aviv (Sarona Market, the Carmel Market, and the Tel Aviv Port), these elegantly designed bakeries are the perfect place to pick up the latest fresh items while also stopping and sipping a fresh and well made cup of coffee. Featuring loaves of bread casually sitting on simple white shelves, it's like walking into a closet full of heavenly gluten glory.

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One of the best bakery chains in the city, Bakery has mastered the art of French pastries. Whether you come to pick up a crunchy, fresh-from-the-oven baguette or any of the delectable pastries like the caramel-glazed cream puffs and the creamy-rich mille-feuille, everything you pick here is memorable and worth the hype. Bakery also serves sandwiches and salads, making it the ideal place for your next lunch date. Check out their other locations at 13 Yad Haruzim St and 67 Weizmann St.

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Tel Aviv City Center

Dallal Bakery

Located in the enchanting Neve Tsedek neighborhood, this cozy bakery is known as one of the very best in town. Incredible French pastries with Israeli twists line the vitrine, boasting a selection of perfectly shaped eclairs, mini-size cakes and colorful sandwiches. Opt for savory quiches or the fluffy croissants—this place is the ultimate destination for quality hand-made pastries and classic cakes made to perfection.

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Neve Tzedek

Seeds Patisserie

Searching for a venue to get your vegan fix? Look no further. Step inside Seeds and let the heavenly aromas of vegan cheesecake and fresh butter(less) pastries win you over. As if the assortment of homemade pastries isn’t enough, Seeds also sells a hodgepodge of frozen fare like vegan meatballs, veggie burgers, tofu and seaweed pastries filled with pure love. The perfect solution to Veganism in the “White City,” even if you are not a vegan going in, after trying these delicacies, you just might choose to convert.

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Tel Aviv City Center

Margoza Bakery

With buttery breads and pastries as well as a stellar Israeli breakfast, Margoza Bakery is The place for a filling and super delicious meal. With an awesome “two drinks and food” meal deal for only 50 NIS, it comes as no surprise that people love this special spot. Your taste buds will be satisfied, and your stomachs will be full. Come to the Margoza Bakery and start you day off with a bang.

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa
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