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Throw back these ancient potions crafted from healing properties.

Hailing from Yemen and deriving knowledge rooted in the philosophy of descendant Maimonides who once explained that the word “etrog” comes from the Aramaic root rgg “a thing of beauty and pleasant to look at,” 73 year old Uzi Eli has been continuing the family legacy of a long lineage of healers and alternative medicine experts since making Aliyah in 1949. Acquiring the knowledge about the healing properties of etrog, a type of citron cultivated throughout the Mediterranean, and a vast variety of herbs, fruits and spices, Uli Ezi and his family settled in Moshav Eshtaol where they began growing the ingredients for their natural remedies. In 2003, Uzi Eli opened his first formal shop in Machne Yehuda to share his selection of healing juices and skin care products, most made with etrog, yet all created after years of study and experimentation. Today, Uzi Eli has passed on the torch to his son and daughter Or and Mayaan who have since spearheaded the first etrog medicine store in Tel Aviv, located at the head of the Carmel Market. If there was ever a better model for the potency of the etrog, it’s evident in Or and Maayan’s glowing skin and radiant smiles as they prepare custom juices to heal any symptom including stress, anxiety, depression or muscle aches.  If you are in a rush, there is a selection of ready-made juices including the famous etrog, gat and grapefruit juice which people swear by for its powers in giving a major energy boost and promoting fertility.


11 HaCarmel St, at the very top of the market
Tel Aviv
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