Kedem Sasson

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Kedem Sasson
© Sharon Shushan & Fabiana Kocubay

“My next sample is my next culture adventure"– Kedem Sasson.

Kedem Sasson's designs are inspired by his worldwide travels. He likes translating beauty from landscapes with cultural history, especially in Japan, Morocco and Turkey. His inspiration to design comes from the admiration of objects: a sculpture, a wooden armchair carved by hand, an ancient painting in a museum and more. Kedem is a true artist that sculpts in fabric and gives life to his creation when it is worn by the female body. He uses a mostly gray color palette and his designs are full of layers, textures and a-symmetry. 


Venue name: Kedem Sasson
Address: 213 Dizengoff St
Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 10:00-19:00; Fri 09:30-14:00; Sat Closed
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